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Freezpen No Anaesthesia, No Downtime, No Scars


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Freezpen erases skin lesions and defects safely, precisely and comfortably with CryoTherapy

Freezpen is the latest branded product from the World Leader in Handheld CrypTherapy with FDA and CE Approvals ensuring the highest professional standards. 

Freezpen provides Gold Standard removal of Skin Lesions in Dermatology and Aesthetic Practices through the controlled and pain free destruction of unwanted benign skin tags, moles, cherry angiomas, warts etc through extreme cold.

Benefits your Patients

Results - Patients will only usually need one treatment to erase the lesion

Quick - Patients can be in and out in less than 10 minutes

Comfortable - Patients usually feel no discomfort and never need anaesthesia

No Downtime - Patients can be treated during a lunch break

No Surgical Procedure - No cuts, bleeding, excision or sutures

Precise and Safe - Powerful and Precise to reach the base of the lesion

Easy - No Post Care Required

Benefits your Business 

Extremely Fast Return on Investment

Best Priced Device in the UK

Full Regulatory Approvals in USA and EU

Extremely Low Running Costs

No Maintenance Costs

Easy and Practical to Use



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